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Why extra width and extra depth footwear? Paddle Foot’s story!

Have a look at your feet for a moment. What is the shape of your foot?


Take another moment to look at your shoes. What is the toe shape of your shoes?


Beautiful feet with their unique dimensions! Beautifully handsome shoes made on lasts with their unique dimensions!


The question – is there a match or mismatch? The outcome –comfortable or uncomfortable feet?




After a long day out, or a long night dancing about, take a moment to look at and feel your feet when you take your shoes off. Is the colour of your skin even? Are the bunions red? Your toes, especially the little toe? Are the soles of your feet hot and stinging? Have you developed a blister? Can you feel a callous?


Don’t get us wrong! At Happy Feet Pedorthics we believe in parties and you need the shoes to party well! And we also know the pain – the burning, the blisters, and the inflamed feeling! Just get me to the chair I say!


We have a client who used to work in chicken factory was given the nick name of Paddle Foot.


To the left are the feet after resting up from the night before during holiday time –no shoes for a wee while for Paddle Foot!

These are the tracings of the Paddle Foot’s feet. Have you ever measured the width of your feet at the widest part and then compared that measure with the width of the soles of your shoes at the widest part?


Below are the shoes are worn to work – holes cut for the toes and too long. Paddle Foot is very grateful to be employed with these shoes – as she is on her feet all day servicing the pubic in the retail sector!




When there is a need for something other than bare feet these are the best possible for Paddle Foot! Ouch for the heels and the fifth toes on both feet!


Thank goodness for the skill of the podiatrist to remove the callous build up!



Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

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