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What do I need to see to believe to take a different action?

Finn Footwear 

Monday has come and gone – the one just past World Diabetes Day.


Have you been in a group today? By 2040 worldwide one in ten adults will have diabetes.


In developing countries now foot problems account for 40% of the available resources.


Worldwide, every 6 seconds a person dies from diabetes. And worldwide a limb is lost every 20 seconds as a result of diabetes related amputations.


Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure and lower limb amputation.


In the US up to 25% of those with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer.


In the US there is evidence that podiatric medical care can reduce amputation rates by 80%.


So what about Australia?


Right now 1.7 million in Australia have diabetes.


380,000 people in Australia having diabetic foot disease – this is the population of Canberra.


900 to 1,000 people are in hospital each night around Australia due to diabetic foot disease. The daily cost of these hospitalisations is $1 million.


Finn Footwear 

Finn Footwear 

Today in Australia, 12 people will have an amputation due to diabetes, and 4 people will die as a direct result of diabetic foot disease!


Source of the info above: Diabetic Foot Australia


Step in Happy Feet Pedorthics! We are part of the campaign to reduce unavoidable amputations within a generation! We can assist you by assessing and fitting you for footwear for your feet and your health condition for both indoor and outdoor activities. We can also walk you through the Diabetic Foot Australia Passport to Foot Disease Prevention fitting and demonstrating how our footwear options can give you Happy Feet!


Going back to the title of this blog “What do I need to see to believe to take a different action?” change can create challenges and at times it is tricky to make change alone, so at Happy Feet Pedorthics we are happy to walk with you to make a plan – to assist you in making a difference to your foot health and your well-being.


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