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To leave or not to leave ….. your slippers at the door?

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we have many clients with sore unhappy feet! Yet when they wear “good for them” shoes and if need be their orthotics, they are often times pretty quickly pain free and a lot happier. The reason why – more support to their feet with the footwear and the orthotics! As the assessment goes along in making a plan for the complete footwear requirements for the wardrobe the slipper question is always on the list. Do you wear slippers? How long do you wear them? Do you wear shoes in the house?


People of some cultural backgrounds only wear bare feet at home, or bare feet with socks, or only slippers or shoes which are not worn outside. This can be for the fact of the home is one’s private space, or for cleanliness reasons with respect to health or religious beliefs.


So what is the pedorthic response – the feet are in pain, the shoes and / or orthotics provide relief. The answer is one needs to wear the footwear – and yes it may be that 2 sets of footwear are required to give the person maximum support most of the time! The goal is Happy Feet, without which the face is extremely unhappy!


Many people wear slippers all day at home. This is like wearing thongs all day every day. Or like going barefoot every day. The feet are unsupported, There is a cycle then of tired, aching and painful feet and guess what we are all connected – then it is the ankles, the knees, the hips, and the back!


Slippers are for the morning and the evening. Our advice at Happy Feet Pedorthics is wear the slippers as you are getting up and getting organised in the morning and once all the main tasks are done, at day’s end when you are just relaxing. The recommendation then follows that during the day wear supportive shoes or sandals.


Many clients as the wisdom sets it talk about the lack of arch support and the met heads or the soles of the feet! My feet have spread and the soles of my feet are so sore! We need to give our feet and our body a chance!


Supportive sandals and shoes provide support to the structure of the feet. Many slippers can almost be described as fluff which can be rolled up and put in your pocket! At Happy Feet Pedorthics we have several slipper concepts. The characteristic of each range include:
  • a stable sole for safe walking
  • uppers with a stiffener or counter that supports and cradles the heel
  • velcro straps for easy access which can be adjusted simply and quickly to ensure a perfect fit.
  • size and width variables


Some of our slipper options provide safer and more caring choices for clients with wounds and / or incontinence.


So for Happy Feet day and night we invite you to ring and make a time for a free footwear health check including your slipper options!


Clare Nelson CPed CM AU


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