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These shoes are made for walking

Shoes and walking – it is so often a theme, especially this time of year with warmer weather, longer days with daylight saving turned on, the wardrobes reviewed, and more special events to plan for!

Researching the web there is so much to read, interact with and be motivated by. One such example can be found at which is quite different in presentation from the information found at

The message is the same – for all of us to get out there and do it – many readers may well remember the “Life be in it” campaign years back.

Interestingly some of the presentations mention footwear but many don’t. The pictures on the web definitely show people walking in the city – many at once crossing at the traffic lights – ouch some of those feet in those shoes and the backs! Then there are images of people who are clearly into it – the shoes, the sticks, the back packs – knowing what they are about and doing it!

The ones I couldn’t find, but I am sure many of us have seen and thought how ridiculous, are the situations where the person is wearing thongs on a bush track where there are a significant amount of rocks for stepping up! Or the one with the high heels on the same track! And I am sure you have seen a least one in a group doing the lap of the oval or the rounds of the lake in slip ons or thongs!

The message: the footwear must match the activity. At Happy Feet Pedorthics in making a pedorthic recommendation we would talk about day shoes, sandals, party shoes, thongs for the pools or communal showers, and a runner type of shoe for the daily strong walk. The pedorthic recommendation also includes orthotics and other devices. Having got the base range of footwear we then talk about the next pairs with the aim of having shoes in your wardrobe which fit your feet and that you like to wear.

Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

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