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These boots are made for walking and that just what they will do!


Steel Caps! Next time you pass a person wearing work boots check them out! In all probability will be the best fit the person has been able to get, BUT! – most likely they will be:

  • Too long – fitted longer to get width
  • Creasing badly near where the lacing begins and the toe section pointing upwards – too long to get the width – but fitting the toes
  • Split in the leather where the top cap ends at the widest part of the foot – 3rd tell tale – too long to get the width for the wide straight foot shape
  • Heavy to wear – too long, leaving the foot floating and carrying the boot!

How could the wearer have a happy day at work – from the feet up it sounds all too long!

For Happy Feet at work in steel caps Wide load is the answer:

  • Made as an extra wide and deep safety boot
  • Airport friendly – non-metallic lace eyelets, composite toe cap 40% lighter than steel and fibre glass shank
  • Many styles also see
  • And more – the picture speaks for itself!

Clare Nelson
C Ped CM Au

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