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The sore toe rock

Your toes might be sore because of bunions, corns, callous, hammering or clawing. They may also be sore because your toes have limited movement – limited range of motion. This may be due to arthritis, gout, metatarsalgia, a neuroma, ulceration, synovitis, tendinitis, turf toe, hallux limitus or hallux rigidus.

At Happy Feet Pedorthics – rock on pedorthist! We can help! Here are some options:

  • Assess and fit a rocker sole shoe. Some shoes are not designed as a rocker sole shoe but the last design has good roll of and often does the trick providing comfort for the wearer
  • Make a rocker sole on an existing shoe. Yes if you have a shoe which works for you we can add a rocker on to your shoe. The rocker sole will give you more height and more ability to rock.
  • Add a carbon fibre plates or full steel shanks. These will make the shoe very stiff and a little heavier. This is often the second stage of making a rocker sole

The trick is to design the rock to work for you – this is skill of the pedorthist working with the client and in many cases your allied health professionals.

The goal at Happy Feet Pedorthics is less pain, more safety, mobility and more comfort to rock, giving sore feet the boot!

Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

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