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….the descriptor “toes” …. I immediately see in my mind……


Why do we have toes? – In short for balance. The great toes, in particular, take much of our body weight as we balance.


One of our team members at Happy Feet Pedorthics commented recently that the word “toes” written in the space for pre-existing condition is not a medical term. True but it is the one we use all the time. Why because it is just so inclusive of what we see every day! And, use of the term puts it well and truly in our mind what we have to think about as pedorthists when we are completing the assessment and fitting to then make the pedorthic recommendation, at Happy Feet Pedorthics.



When I use the descriptor “toes” at Happy Feet Pedothics I immediately see in my mind – bunions, claws, hammers, callous, corns, and curly toes, This is all before I being to think about hallux limitus, in-grown toe nails, hallux rigidus , nail fungus, and more.


So as a pedorthist what can I do to help you – the one with “the toes?”

  • Yep! – shoes of correct length width and depth, made on the most appropriate last
  • Yep! – shoes in a style suitable for the feet and for the activity intended for the shoes being fitted.
  • Yep! – stretching to give more room at the toes majorly in question – hopefully these days not a bubble patch!
  • Yep! – cushioning on the straps of the sandals, with some off-loading to cushion the toes
  • Yep! – off-loading into the sole of the shoes to increase the depth
  • Yep! – relasting of the shoes to give more width
  • Yep! – rocker soles to reduce pain
  • Yep – flares to improve balance


After this we do magic! Magic at Happy Feet Pedorthics means that we problem solve to find a solution!


Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

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