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Spring, summer, holidays, celebrations and your feet!


Some tips:

  • Care for your feet – the corns on the toes, and the callous at the heel and the edges of your feet. At Happy Feet Pedorthics we recommend regular podiatry care, with self-care between visits. Ask us for some recommendations.
  • If you are using orthotics with your sandals, they need to have a back in to be effective. At Happy Feet Pedorthics we have sandals which, for many who normally wear orthotics, don’t, with our range of sandals because the foot beds are so supportive in themselves
  • The party high heels – you know the ones you will wear to the races and carry them home! Some cushioning options will go a long way towards Happy Feet!
  • Considering the footwear for the activity – Slip-ons are a complete no no when you come to being on the run! – I have seen it – jay-walking, rushing on Christmas Eve, fell trying to hold on to the slip ons and the tram was on its way. A story for the Christmas table again and again!
  • Too loose – too tight – you need them just right – have your straps modified at Happy Feet Pedorthics.
  • Check the footwear wardrobe out – are you in for a repair job on the heels, or do you need a new pair – perhaps both! To keep the cycle going. Choice makes for Happy Feet!

Many more options at

Clare Nelson

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