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Spring into Action

The Sigvaris Compression stocking way is to don your compression walking socks and step out in the great outdoors.

With the Spring Racing carnival just around the corner the “outfit” decisions along with the shoes are being made. I have visions of beautiful legs with the most gorgeous looking shoes and delightfully painted toe nails – and then the heels caught in the grates and sinking into the wet soft turf! And then it is the pain- will you be amongst the many women carrying their shoes from the racetrack after a long happy but sore day?


It is what we all want – the look, the comfort, no pain and no broken ankles. At our pedorthic practice we have this question every day. Just last Friday – the conversation went like this:

  • Tell me about your feet and they type of shoes you would like?

    I want shoes that are low cut and slip on. If they are too high the foot swells over the top and if I have a strap the strap cuts in.

  • Please sit down and we can try some shoes.

    It is always a tricky point as to whether the pedorthist shows the client what you think they want or what you believe they need.

So we tried a variety of shoes
The prefabricated heeled dress shoe was too narrow even with the wider fitting.
The prefabricated sling back sandal was too tight across the forefoot and in the wearing the
heel was walking off the heel lending the foot very unstable

The feet fitted into the width of the FINN Unisex – made as a man’s width fitting – lace up shoe – BUT the heel was too low – and the like factor was just not there!
The foot also fitted into the DREW Rose Strap court but the back was too high and the heel was too low.

  • The conversation continued – Have you thought about compression stockings? We can raise the heel height to a degree on the outside of the shoes. For everyday shoes the aim is to wear shoes which are the best for you and then we all need our party shoes!

    I look at my mother’s feet and I see my feet. They swell up more by the end of the day. And I have been told I have got plantar fasciitis.

So what can we do as pedorthists at Happy Feet Pedorthics?

For the Friday conversation empathy and consideration was the priority. No decisions and there needs to be some thinking? Having spent hundreds of dollars on shoes and continuing to make the same mistakes and still having sore feet, knowing they are like the mum’s feet there is need for review. The client will be back in 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years having worked out her own pathway for happy feet!

For the fashionable race goer we can modify you stiletto to give you cushioning with the aim of taking some pressure of the soles of your feet and we can show you some elegant low heeled shoes which will give you so much comfort on the day leaving all you energy to focus on a win for every race!

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