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Spring Feet

How are your feet? Have you had a good look at them lately?

Corns, callous, nail health? Perhaps it is time to book a review appointment with your podiatrist.


Your footwear – what is happening in the wardrobe, under the bed, or at the front door?

Down at heel, shaggy laces, velcro which does not grip, in need of a good polish. At Happy Feet Pedorthics we can help you with all of these. Make a time 03 9326 0266 and come on in!


Sandal options at Happy Feet Pedorthics include:


Finn Baltrums and Adelaide. The colours are coming in now.


The Drew Fionas. We have a stock run and can order your size, fitting and colour, of choice.


Revere sandals, some of which are suitable for orthotics, and for some can be worn as a party shoe for a very limited time.


From the pedorthic view:


Going from winter to the warmer months allow time for your feet to adjust, especially if you wear sandals and courts without socks or stockings. Feet can get hot and sweaty and OUCH – the first blister of the season!


Our feet are so protected in winter and can be quite traumatized moving into the warmer months, so give them good consideration, remembering for the footwear to match your activity. An athletic shoe is more appropriate than a sandal or pump when is comes to the longer walk to work!


The warmer weather we have, the more we see the callous at Happy Feet Pedorthics, especially at the back of the heel, and often with cracked skin, which is particularly serious for people with neuropathy. Our recommendations here are for a review appointment and ongoing care with your podiatrist, self-care between your podiatry visits and wearing sandals with closed in backs.


Sandals with closed in backs for your main walking and working give more support to your feet and body and protect your feet – especially at the heel area. Heels are often damaged and can become quite painful when people walk on the edge of the sandal rather than in the heel cup area itself. In the case of the strappy sandals for the parties – this can work out but at Happy Feet Pedorthics we recommend against it for regular day wear.



Fitting sandals from a pedorthic view there are often challenges with the bunions and toes! Some people only wear sandals year-round as this is only way their toes feel comfy. In this case at Happy Feet Pedorthics we can invariably fit an extra width depth shoe to accommodate the most challenging toes.


Back to sandals fitting with those bunions and toes, pedorthic options include strap extensions, padding on the underneath surface of the straps themselves, relasting or making the sandals wider at the front, all of which can have the outcome of more cared for, less pain and much more comfortable feet, increasing mobility and safety.


Warmer weather for many of us often means thongs, no orthotics, no compression socks and more bare feet – all of which can lead to sore, tired and pained feet, legs and body.

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we recommend footwear to fit, wearing your orthotics or having a device such as an arch support fitted in your sandals, wearing open toed compression socks, and wearing thongs only for the beach and pool, and walking away from bare feet particularly if you have diabetes / neuropathy, or if you are a slip, trips and falls risk.


Get into the Spring with Happy Feet Pedorthics. Ring now for an appointment on 03 9326 0266



Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

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