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So you are having a baby!

While you are carrying your baby we at Happy Feet Pedorthics want you to be free of:

  • Tiredness, restlessness, heaviness and tension in your legs
  • Tingling sensations and cramps in the night
  • Visibly swollen feet and varicose veins


Pregnancy is a very unique time for a woman’s body. The change in hormones and the expansion of the uterus can affect the leg veins. 30% of women pregnant for the first time and 55% of women who have had 2 or more full time pregnancies develop varicose veins. (Swiss Medical Weekly 2001: 131:659-662)

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Congestion in the legs can be avoided in a harmless way during pregnancy by:

  • avoiding standing still frequently as much as possible
  • not sitting too low down
  • avoiding the hard edges of chairs
  • exercising a lot – walking, hiking, swimming and cycling
  • actively move your legs as often as possible
  • not taking hot baths
  • avoiding long periods of sunbathing
  • actively cooling the legs down
  • lying comfortably with the legs slight raised
  • wearing medical compression stockings


Wearing compression stockings during pregnancy:

  • prevents blood from pooling in the veins
  • reduces the risk of an elevated heart rate in the mother and child
  • reduces the risk of varicose veins, inflammation and thrombosis
  • alleviates common symptoms of swollen feet and ankles, or tired and achy legs

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