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So what does looking at your feet mean?

At Happy Feet Pedorthics ulcers – the threat of, having an ulcer, the wound nurse, the podiatrist, the readiness for footwear, the healing of, the matters of compliance, the power of the GP, checking your feet, the diabetes educator, the practice nurse, dressings, what’s neuropathy, gradual getting used to the shoes, the best socks to wear, the orthotic, modifications which may be required to the footwear, the need to exercise, how we care for the carers. As long as the list is as much as the talk!

So whilst, as pedorthists at Happy Feet Pedorthics, we have many footwear options, depending on your actual foot health – including other foot deformities, your foot shape, and your footwear preferences – our focus is on prevention and improved health.

Research tells us people who have diabetes and take care of their foot are less likely to develop foot ulcers.

So what does looking at your feet mean? Every day, twice a day, you, or someone for or with you, needs to check:

  • the top and bottom of the foot
  • between your toes
  • if have you got a cut, or bruise, or redness, or bleeding which you did not have the last time you looked at your feet

Do not rely on feeling because you may have, or be developing neuropathy – ie reduced sensation

Our experience at Happy Feet Pedorthics is that if you have been diagnosed with diabetes – attend a Podiatrist for regular foot care – for your skin, nails, corns, callous and gait analysis, and see a Pedorthist for “good for you footwear!”

Diabetes or not – give your feet a good wash and dry every day!

  • do not go bare feet ever – reduced sensations means you do not feel as well or at all!
  • wear lighter coloured socks which do not constrict your blood flow, and through which you can easily see blood or discharge.
  • wear shoes which fit your feet – which is different from pushing your feet into any shoes, taking you back to why check your feet!

The pictures with this blog show you some of the feet we see. The written words talk about prevention. Look after your feet and have happy feet and a very happy life!

Clare Nelson C Ped CM Au

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