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Reality Supermarket Shopping

Reality supermarket shopping

It is not normal to have to do one’s supermarket shopping in bare feet to feel safe. Yet this is what our client has done for some time!

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After suffering a brain aneurysm the reality for a client at Happy Feet Pedorthics, has been a huge change in her feet and body. These changes have in turn affected the person’s ability to exercise, control her weight, and live in the way she knows she once did. It was not a head ache. Accepted as a workplace accident and having gone to arbitration with a huge expectation of the physiotherapist, the cost of providing orthopaedic or pedorthic footwear was accepted. Physiotherapy sessions had to be cancelled because the mutual client did not have appropriate footwear to undertake her exercise program.

With 2 quotes submitted an amount of money established – the next discussion is custom made orthopaedic or pedorthic footwear; or prefabricated medical footwear?

What is the clinical need? How will clinical need be best met? Short to long term health goals? How is the need for footwear to suit the activity best provided for with the amount of dollars available? How will ongoing and long-term provision be managed?

Having received the approval, the client was so elated to be on the pathway to wearing shoes and having happy feet. The client now has the opportunity of shoes for shopping, to attend a meeting, to wear walking, and even the opportunity of colour to wear with the more outrageous party gear!

Clare Nelson
Certified Pedorthist CM AU

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