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Pedorthists can make a difference to your health – Proper foot care with proper footwear!

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we ask clients to complete a form about themselves as part of assessment and fitting process.

At times we are asked why? At times some people will not give their details initially – then having participated in the assessment fitting with an outcome of a pedorthic recommendation there is no hesitation. The questions on the form include:

  • contact details
  • information about your health, including medication
  • information about referrers and possible health fund cover
  • the importance of improved shoe fit and improved foot health

Information access in our rapidly changing world is expediential plus I am sure. At Happy Feet Pedorthics we ask for information which will assist us to assist you. Paramount to this is our commitment to our clients to not share your information with others – whilst it may be of interest to a 2nd source it is not the business of such a source without a direct request to the client! This said what we know in our practice is that many clients are unaware:

  • that their private health cover may well cover their medical footwear and compression therapy socks
  • how their medical condition affects their feet
  • how appropriate footwear can improve your health outcomes
  • how with a co-ordinated approach to improved footwear and other allied health provision can improve your health outcomes

We notice that many people:

  • take medication for depression and anxiety and see this as a normal thing to do for the rest of their lives
  • tolerate a huge amount of pain, with and without the use of medications
  • benefit from the education and health

We are pedorthists, not doctors. We do not diagnose! We assess and fit people for pedorthic footwear. To do this well we continually learn about various health conditions. Our daily experience is that footwear makes a difference. We see it and people tell us their stories of less pain, more safety, more mobility and more comfort! Happy feet, happy face!

Clare Nelson

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