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Pain and more pain

The condition is neurofibromatosis. The person feels pain. Watching the person walk the whole body says pain.

What do we see? Foot shape and size quite different. Marks on the skin. Veins. Toes. Stance position.

Feet front and back


Footwear old and new


LANDING PAGE pedigraph and TCI

What shoes are worn in to the appointment? The best money could buy and the best in another shop on the day! TOO BIG AND ILL FITTING – making for more pain!

What is happening underneath the foot? Where is the foot taking the pressure in stance position? The left is compensating for the right. The pedorthic solution is about split fit, accommodative orthoses and the possibility of rocker soles to extend what the last already gives; and relasting at the mid foot on the right!

Less pain. And a plan for the future provision of footwear by the family and with a plan for government funding with the support of the podiatrist. Less pain and much happier feet

Clare Nelson
Certified Pedorthist CM AU

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