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“… oh yes I did have a fall last week, my body is bruised all over …”

At Happy Feet Pedorthics the real story or the reality experience the carer of family member is so keen to tell is eventually told by the client themselves. That there had been a slip, trip or fall and invariably it is all about the shoes, the mats, not using the walker, reaching too far and “I was just …..!”

There is loads of information, guides, booklets, videos, and advice about slips, trips and falls. At Happy Feet Pedorthics ‘a slip, trip, fall and choosing the best shoe information sheet,’ from the podiatrist is the one we would see most.

All the usual is covered – fit, lace or velcro fastening, good contact with the ground, a sole that grips – even a rounded edge to the heel – which for some people is a bit unstable in our experience.

Often what is not covered is the importance of the shoe matching the activity, the slippers being safe, and the importance of checking for the cleanliness of the soles of shoes having been walking everywhere!

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we are always talking and demonstrating best wearing of shoes, or compliance or do as I say please!

  • Shoe on
  • Knock your foot to the back of the shoe
  • Do up or pull the strap over not too tight and not too loose, with your foot on a 45 degree angle. Laces are better for gradual support but better to use velcro well than laces poorly!
  • We demonstrate shoe horns, pickup sticks, kitchen tongs, and hook stick with D-ring closure
  • We talk about living on your own or not, perhaps needing some help to put shoes on and about being brave to ask for help!

my body is bruised all over

At Happy Feet Pedorthics a client will from time to time describe the shoe as being heavy. We show the client how to wear the shoes rather than carry shoes! The client not only feels less weight but lights up with joy feeling a lot more secure and safer to walk on with Happy Feet!

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