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The doc has told me to ……. but I can’t! My feet hurt!

Sharing a story about you can be scary! Diagnosed as depressed once – the doc told me to walk – it would be good for me!

And I had good shoes to wear.

Do you know how hard it was to walk!

Hard like getting out of bed!

Hard like eating!

Hard like taking medication!

And I had good shoes to wear.

Having pushed through and in a stronger space and working away, I was servicing people at a pedorthic clinic. We stayed at the hospital where we held the clinic. Over breakfast we met people also staying in at the hospital because they were attending a Pain Clinic. The docs and other professionals had told the participants to walk – it would be good for them – to help reduce their pain medication!

These people did not have good shoes to wear!

If it was not so serious you could view the situation with such a laugh! NOT FUNNY!

It was painful to walk!

These people did not have good shoes to wear!

So what could have made a difference?

  • A match between foot shape and shoe shape
  • A rocker sole to roll through the gait cycle
  • Skip lacing
  • A LLD raise to address the leg length discrepancy
  • A heel raise so the shoe did not rub under the ankle bone

My feet hurt

Simple things really – a pedorthist can make a difference – happy feet, happy face – improved health outcomes!

Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

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