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Man or woman – it will catch all of us!

Generally men have higher blood cholesterol levels than women before menopause, but levels in women are higher than men after menopause.

So what can I do to not be caught? But to have a healthy lifestyle plan! A brisk 30 minute walk each day is a great start!

In my blog earlier this week I talked about the shoe arrangement to support a healthy life style which does not leave the feet sore!

Many of us benefit from orthotics, particularly in some shoes for some activities, as part of our healthy life cycle.

In our experience at Happy Feet Pedorthics our clients come with such a range of orthotics:

  • prescription
  • corrective made from hard plastic, with various amounts of cushioning
  • pre-fab with some additions which are permanent or a work in progress with the aim of improved health outcomes
  • sometimes full length but very poorly fitting in the shoe because they are cut short and narrow
  • half length
  • hard eva
  • a very soft arch support, sometimes with a met dome
  • at times very challenging to fit in shoes with 35mm of correction under the arch!
  • from the chemist or came with the shoe
  • at times too wide pushing the shoe out of shape around the ankle and causing the inside of the shoe lining to prematurely wear
  • at times so narrow at the mid foot area moving all over the place under the foot in the shoe
  • often times in good need recovering, review or replacement

Following is an example of the recovering of an orthotic, and at the same time converting it to a full length. Hence the fore foot cushioning to the foot is part of the orthotic, providing an overall better fit and more comfort to the client in his extra width and depth shoes, ready for his many steps on his upcoming trip overseas.

In this picture you can see what the foot was on in the shoe – a half-length orthotic with the front section of the shoe insert used to provide cushioning to the forefoot as a separate item

Man or woman - it will catch all of us

The pictures above show the recovered orthotics. With the materials used the foot is still structurally supported by the original prescription orthotic, and now more cushioned and more comfortable in the shoe with the orthotic fitting snuggly from heel to toe. The wear and tear on the orthotics will be reviewed at the next appointment.

Man or woman - it will catch all of us
Man or woman - it will catch all of us

This service can be provided by us at Happy Feet Pedorthics within a day, by booking the job in.

Clare Nelson

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