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Loving to Choose

As we all feel at the end of busy day – tired and rewarded. The reward may well be the pay packet, the opportunity of promotion or simply the satisfaction that you have made a difference!

At Happy Feet Pedorthics making a difference is such a simple thing and such a complex thing at the same time.

Recently the 92 year old wanted shoes for the wedding of her grandson – the boy she raised! This meant a priority home visit with colour and style options. It is true that the grandmother did not have the availability of style options given her feet – odema, circulation issues, and corns and callous. BUT! She did have colour options! A denim blue or vino red. Which would be best with the dress on the day, and best with all the wardrobe options after the big day? What would the daughter, the mother of the groom be thinking? Of course we can get the strap extensions completed in matching leather ready for the day. All part of the service at Happy Feet Pedorthics!

At our most recent Wodonga Clinic one client wanted to pick up her new sandals rather than having them posted, telling me that “we are so good at our job, that we really care and get the fit correct. For this client it was all part of her social experience for the day. A pleasure indeed!

Safety is a huge criterion for many of our clients. The condition is a combination of osteo genesis imperfecta and ehler’sdanlos syndrome. Have look at the pictures following. This client feels safe, supported at her ankles, and her family and friends are telling her that her gait is so so much improved!

Clare Nelson
Certified Pedorthist CM AU

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