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Look at the hands, look at the feet

I heard a story once about the daughter who was expressing her concern about her mum – and the heart specialist proclaimed “Look at your Mum, alive isn’t she, as the mum stood there looking exquisite in one of her several gold coats.” The message – celebrate life!

The directions to a home visit location ended with – the house on the left with a balcony overlooking the sea and a tinny in the front.

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Living alone – quite deaf, washing hanging to dry on the banisters, another side table with the necessary items at arm’s length, the medication on the dining table and the barking dog! Meals come on wheels, along with the home help people and the district nurse. Many clients we see from Happy Feet – thank-you very much, don’t just manage – they live independently, albeit with some supports in their own home.

Sitting in his arm chair overlooking the sea – one love of our client is fishing. But not so much now. He is happy, content and full of participation in life. He has pain – he is grateful, content and happy – celebrating his life, his way!

Riddled with arthritis – you see it on the hands and the feet, what can we do as pedorthists. First step is some pedors – a neoprene shoe – a cross between shoes and slippers. This will give the feet some protection and a safer option instead of moccasins when it comes to falls risks.

Working in with the podiatrist we will then progress to prefabricated medical or pedorthic footwear and an accommodative orthotic, giving more support, safety and comfort for happy feet.

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Clare Nelson, Certified Pedorthist CM Au

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