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Less leg complaints and more quality of life for hairdressers


In Phlebology 2012 there was as study published, where the effect of using compression stockings – that is below knee socks, with a low compression level. Hairdressers are a group of people working in a profession, which requires standing for a prolonged time.


Telegnlectasies or reticular veins

  • Group A wore the stockings for 3 weeks and then not for the next three weeks during work time
  • Group B did not wear the stockings for the 3 weeks and then they did for the next 3 weeks during work time
  • All participants were screened on Day 0, 21 and 42
  • 108 mixed sex, older than 18 years hairdressers participated in the study
  • 83% of the participants had no venous pathology apart from teleangiectasias or reticular veins prior to participating the study
  • 84% complained of tired legs before the study
  • The stockings were put on in the morning before work and taken off in the evening after work


Less leg Symptoms
Less leg volume


The results were:

  • Less pain and reduced feelings of swelling
  • Less sleep disturbance
  • Unattractive legs less of a concern
  • Less lower leg volume by an average of 19 ml (this was particularly observed in older people)


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Clare Nelson C Ped CM Au


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