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It’s all go – racing!

Year in, year out what do we see with the people heading home after the race meets?

  • Hailing for taxi’s
  • Continuing joviality at the locals
  • Police watching for the safety of the community members
  • Women walking in bare feet carrying their shoes – sore unhappy feet!

Not me this year – I hear you! SO what can be done?

  • Shapely legs yes – but my back and the forefoot? Consider the heel height of your shoes for the activity – on your feet all day, looking gorgeous – back and forth with a flutter or two! The higher you go the harder you fall, the more difficult it is to walk – if fact you actually walk less and less – you just get along, and the more pressure on your forefoot!
  • Lots of accolades yes – but the burning feet? After having a think about the heel height next is the need for cushioning. At Happy Feet Pedorthics we can race in here! Placing a met dome in your shoe behind the met heads will relieve pressure at the sole of the foot. We can also add a met dome to your orthotics as you move them from shoe to shoe. The in heaven cushioning for your soles is the offloading of cushioning into the soles of the shoes. It’s all about you being on fire at the races – not your feet!
  • The hat, the dress, the bag are all working – but my toes? With a little forward planning with Happy Feet Pedorthics we can give your shoes a stretch – best we do this on our stretcher, rather than your feet, or we can put some padding on your shoe upper to protect your toes and we can relast your shoes to make them a little wider!
  • The good old faithfuls are such a treat – but do they need a review – heels redone, buckles or straps repaired or new linings?

Lots of fun to be had in comfort

Clare Nelson

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