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.. immunisation remains important in Australia


Poliomyelitis (polio) is a serious disease, caused by a virus. It can be prevented with immunisation and all children and adults should receive the vaccine. Until polio is eradicated globally the virus can re-enter any country so immunisation remains important in Australia. If you are not immunised, you could contact polio if you r food, water or hands are contaminated with faeces of an infected person. Serious side effects or allergic reactions to the vaccine are rare. From the Better Health Channel which is prepared in consultation with and approved by the Department of Health, Victoria.


Post-polio syndrome – PPS is a condition which affects polio survivors years after the initial bout of polio. PPS is not life threatening but can cause discomfort and disability in the form of fatigue, muscle and joint pain, muscle atrophy and new weakness. The most common disability caused by PPS is a deterioration of mobility.


At Happy Feet Pedorthics people with PPS talk about muscle weakness, cramps and twitches and cold intolerance. As a Pedorthist I can see the muscle atrophy, the fasciculations, and the bone and joint deformities.



The pedorthic applications at Happy Feet Pedorthics can include:

  • Proper fitting of footwear, prefabricated, including split fit; or custom made and often a boot to give additional support
  • Fitting and accommodation of orthosis and / or other devices internally to give support and protection to the feet, and to aid stability in mobility in the gait cycle
  • Modifications to the uppers to improve fit and maintain foot and skin integrity, and to enable independence
  • Modifications to the outsoles such as LLD raises, wedges, excavations, rocker soles, Thomas heels
  • Fitting and accommodation of devices, usually made by a prosthetist orthotist which give support and enable mobility for the person.


It will always be that with team work the person with the health condition, with the pedorthist, and with the other members of the allied health team there is an outcome of pedorthic footwear which will give safe mobility, be comfortable and look good!


Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

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