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“I want to walk but ….”

OK! We all agree – walking is:

  • a great way to improve or maintain one’s overall health.
  • a physical activity which does not have to be vigorous or done for a long time in order to improve your health.
  • low impact, requiring minimal equipment, which be done at any time of day at your own pace
  • not limited to strolling by yourself around local neighbourhood streets.
We also agree – the health benefits of walking are:

  • weight-bearing exercise
  • increased heart and lung fitness
  • reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
  • improved management of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes
  • stronger bones and improved balance
  • increased muscle strength and endurance
  • reduced body fat
The aim to achieve the health benefits from walking is 10,000 steps or more per day. So walk for at least 30 minutes as briskly as you can on most days of the week. Sometimes it is tricky to get a block of 30 minutes so consider:

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift for at least part of the way
  • Get off public transport one stop earlier and walk to work or home.
  • Walk, don’t drive, to the local shops – with a back pack and a trolley
  • Walk a dog yours or the neighbours

The story at Happy Feet Pedorthics so often is “I want to walk but ….” my feet hurt, my feet are so sore, my toes, I get blisters, my arches are so painful!

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we get into the features of “good for walking: shoes:

  • Enclosed shoe – velcro or lace which need to be not too loose and not too tight – just right like in the Three Bears story! The aim is to wear, not carry your shoes.
  • Stable base and a firm heel counter
  • A match with shoe shape and foot shape – giving your toes some wriggle room
  • Get the length correct – going uphill and down dale! Avoid your toes bruising!
  • Consider an arch support, met dome and cushioning. Give your feet a chance with an off the shelf product or custom made orthotic.
  • Often times a shoes with a walking heel and good role off from behind the met heads provides considerable comfort when walking!

With Happy Feet in good for you shoes walking can be a real pleasure:

  • varying where you walk
  • walking the dog
  • walking with friends
  • joining a walking club
  • walking at different times of the day
  • exploring what’s going on around you – the sky, the people, the sounds
  • looking for the self-guided nature walks that have been set up in many parks.

Clare Nelson CPed CM AU

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