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How Sedentary are you?

Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute has recently reported on some guidelines which encourage us to be less sedentary? Exercise is very important, as is for us to be on our feet more. Initially 2 hours a day building up to 4 hours a day!

How Sedentary are you?

So often our feet hurt! So the outcome is we are not on our feet! We are not exercising! We are then contributing to our risk of diabetes and heart disease.

In my last blog I talked about the features of a good shoe – width, depth, shape, fit for the activity and worn well.

Orthotics offer more benefit again to your comfort and support to your feet as you become less sedentary.


Considerations regarding orthotics include:
Who should make or supply my orthotics?

  • podiatrist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, chemist, orthotist, osteopath, pedorthist What type of orthotics?
  • off the shelf, half length, full length, customised, or fully custom made? Where should I wear my orthotics?
  • for all my activities or only for some?

When should I wear my orthotics?

  • all the time or sometimes? How should I wear my orthotics?
  • is there a compromise about what is “best” with my orthotics because of the lack of room in my shoes?

In stepping up to exercise more, to be less sedentary, quitting the sit and be on our feet more we need to Give sore feet the boot!

This next blog will walk us through the considerations above – meanwhile follow the link

Clare Nelson

How Sedentary are you?

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