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How is the architecture of your foot?

Charcot foot or Charcot deformity refers to damage to the bones and joints which can occur in a neuropathic foot. Some people who are diabetics and who are prone to the condition of Charcot deformity have an autonomic neuropathy with hyper vascularity. If there is an injury which is not recognised such as a fracture, stress fracture, ligamentous rupture, or sprain then chronic swelling and progressive damage to the supporting foot structures can occur. Without recognition and early treatment the foot collapses when weight bearing.

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we see Charcot deformity regularly.

  • The architecture of the foot is deranged
  • There are additional bony prominence
  • The foot looks oedematous, red and frequently has a collapsed arch – or a rocker bottom with chronic ulceration in the mid-foot area.

A person with Charcot deformity, following assessment and fitting will have one or more of the following pedorthic footwear recommendations made:

  • Prefabricated medical footwear with:
    • Rocker sole
    • Carbon Fibre Plate
    • Long opening shoe
    • Total contact accommodative orthoses
  • Custom made shoes with the above features

The pedorthic aims are to:

  • fit the feet
  • offload pressure and ulcerating areas
  • accommodate the foot
  • allow for ease of entry for a foot which has limited or no range of motion
  • prevent, reduce, heal areas of pressure and ulceration and potential amputation

The pictures following show the pedograph tracings for a person who has Charcot deformity. The dark areas represents the pressure areas on the foot. This person is missing one toe on the right foot.

Left – October 2011
Right – October 2011
Left – March 2015
Right – March 2015

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