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Have you got HAV – Hallux abductovalgus – or Hallux Valgus?


The podiatrist would grade your HAV – from grade 1 to grade 4! Grade 1 is mild? But ouch I hear you cry my feet hurt at the bunions! I don’t want to have an operation! Why I have got this HAV?


The cause of HAV relates to your genes, repeated minor injury from wearing narrow pointed shoes and high heels, uncorrected excessive pronation, added body weight, injury, arthritis and weak intrinsic muscles.


At Happy Feet Pedorthics clients with HAV talk about:

  • the bunion – the shape and the pain!
  • the difficulty of finding shoes toe fit
  • the very obvious deformity – big and red and calloused
  • the great toe displacing the 2nd toe – look at what is happening here we hear them say over and over!


The second most talked about topic regarding HAV at Happy Feet Pedorthics is – should I have the operation? This is not for us to answer at all. However with the experience of the stories we hear our only response is: understand fully and have confidence in your surgeon!


So options from the pedorthic view. These include:

  • properly fitted depth shoes with anatomically shaped toe box – i.e. a match between foot shape and toe shape
  • custom made shoes
  • relasting – to increase the width of the forefoot of the shoe
  • stetching of the whole shoe or a neoprene side stretch modification
  • medial heel wedges
  • Thomas heel for over pronation
  • Fitting of functional orthosis
  • Referral back to the General Practitioner


The pedigraph of the feet above


The walking shoes directly above


The party shoes far left


And the sandals – as an option


All the same feet!



At Happy Feet Pedorthics there are shoes for people with HAV – so there is life with HAV!


Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU


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