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Have you got a policeman’s heel?

Otherwise known as plantar fasciitis! The pain – clients talk of the pain! Such is the pain any mention of anything that suggests there could be plantar fasciitis pain – pedorthist beware!

Clients talk about waking up – not being able to put their feet to the ground to get out of bed – some crawl, gradually warming up and gradually being able to walk!
Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia. It is caused by over-pronation, age and weight gain. It is true that many Happy Feet Clients with plantar fasciitis fit this description. The common story is sharp pain, moving to a dull ache after walking for a while. Then the person gets to work sits and then stands with the pain starting all over!
So what can we do to get rid of the policeman’s heel – plantar fasciitis – which was never wanted in the first place?

  • take action on the weight we are putting on our feet!
  • wear supportive shoes – especially if you walk a lot or if you are on your feet all day standing on hard surfaces.

We see the happy faces at Happy Feet Pedorthics with something so simple, so obtainable as supportive footwear. And when the off the shelf insert or custom orthotic is added to the mix the smile extends beyond ear to ear!

  • getting older is a given – so do it healthily with regular daily exercise, including mindful stretching
    • calf stretching
    • ball rolls under the arch area of the foot, seated and gradually building to the ball roll when standing
    • towel stretching

Being mindful when doing the stretching exercises means that being aware of pulling is good but pain is bad!

  • ice to reduce the inflammation
  • reduction of the activity regime or standing for long times
  • orthotic therapy

Many clients have rigid podiatry orthotics, often with a plantar fascia channel. Some love them, some hate them! The trick is to get them right for the individual, with the second reality being supportive footwear to fit the foot and the orthotic, which can also mean wearing fully enclosed footwear for most of the time during the initial treatment period.

  • cortisone injections

It never ceases to amaze me how many clients at Happy Feet Pedorthics have had cortisone injections repeatedly – to no avail – perhaps because the footwear being worn is in a word pathetic and not suited to the activity – and then when the cortisone has clearly not fixed the problem – non-invasive treatments such as orthotic therapy and supportive footwear is considered! A long pathway to happy feet!

We know you don’t want that policemen’s heel and let us at Happy Feet Pedorthics help you to rid of it forever!

Clare Nelson C Ped CM Au
Feb 10 2016

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