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Give sore feet the boot at Happy Feet Pedorthics



Happy Feet after the steps of the appointment made, forms completed, the assessment and fitting – finishing with our pedorthic recommendation.


The story is about: the wounds on the leg, a fused ankle, pins in the toes on both feet, limited range of motion and sore soles underfoot. One can see the corns, callous, and the bandages on the feet. The measurements tell us that one foot is bigger than the other – by 2 sizes. Behind it all is arthritis – osteo and rheumatoid. Sore feet!


Options of pre made extra width and depth shoes were explored – none were right – and if they were almost right – best to have a split fit and then availability in a smaller foot was the challenge. So custom and an accommodative orthoses is the recommendation.


  • long opening for ease of foot entry
  • 2 velcro straps for ease of adjustment through the midfoot
  • rocker sole to role through the gait cycle
  • one shoe bigger than the other
  • the colour and design of choice. The holes in the pattern giving some opportunity of air movement.


Give sore feet the boot at Happy Feet Pedorthics

Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU


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