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Game Set and Match

In for a game of tennis? Weekend time, spring weather, the longer evenings, the club championships to be prepared for – maybe you want to pack your tennis racquet for a hit when you visit Mona for a long weekend break in Tasmania.

But the footwear – the runners – the feet! I know – you can’t wait to get your feet free again – shoes and socks off – open to the air – cooling, stretching ready to soak up the massage! One google answer is that you have just taken 200 steps a minute in your game!

What difference can Happy Feet Pedorthics make? We are barracking for you! To win game, set and match! Our recommendation for you will be about:

  • The correct length, width and depth runners, made on a last which is the best shape for your feet – wriggle room, so your toes are not getting squashed, blistered, calloused, bruised, or developing ingrown toe nails.
  • Being shapely for your feet, width at the fore foot, snug at the mid foot and not slipping at the heel.
  • The lacing may need to be adjusted to bring in the top line, or take pressure off the top of your foot
  • Some simple wedging or heel raise to balance you out so you are on your toes – focussed to return that ball to force an error by your opposition the return – that’s if they get to the ball in the first place!
  • Your feet may well need some cushioning, some arch support, some off-loading, or some muscle activation – just like the top players – you can have the orthotics they have at Happy Feet Pedorthics!

Remember Happy Feet Pedorthics is barracking for you! To win game, set and match!

Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

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