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For feet in need of special care

As a pedorthist at Happy Feet Pedorthics care is the priority! Some people come to our facility with pain and being uncomfortable written all over their face. Our goal at Happy Feet Pedorthics is for happy feet and happy faces.

In making an assessment and fitting we establish what is happening for the client – pain, discomfort, foot shape, foot size, gait, foot range of motion, skin in integrity, general health, need or not for orthotics, and activity for which the new shoes are required. The Drew range of pedorthic footwear is thoroughly enjoyed by many clients at Happy Feet Pedorthics. The Drew range includes footwear for men and women for a range of foot size, shape, foot health and orthotic or other device use. Having got this far in the assessment and fitting with the client there are then many style and colour choices which work for our clients at Happy Feet Pedorthics.

As a pedorthist I really like fitting the Drew range – yes for happy feet health wise, and also for the choice of colours and styles available. Many of clients with fairly “normal” feet choose the Drew options for this very reason as they plan their wardrobes. Ring and make a time to check out the

Drew range – health fund approved and many are DVA approved. The new catalogue for the year has arrived at Happy Feet Pedorthics.

Clare Nelson
Certified Pedorthist CM AU

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