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Footwear Choices living with Diabetes

At Happy Feet Pedorthics many people come for appropriate footwear. The forms are completed, shoes and socks are taken off, the feet are measured and a discussion takes place. It is very common for the client to then say, almost as an apology: I need diabetic shoes, or I am a diabetic.


Diabetes is a health condition which requires serious attention including the selection and wearing of appropriate footwear and good foot care.


There is a huge spread of healthy to unhealthy when it comes to people diagnosed with diabetes.



When it comes to footwear key questions to consider are:

  • Have you had a pedorthic footwear review of your footwear choices, given your diabetes and your overall foot health?
  • Have you ever had a foot ulcer?
  • Do you have nerve damage in your feet?
  • Do you have poor blood circulation to your feet?


A pedorthic footwear review of your footwear is strongly recommended by Happy Feet Pedorthics. As a free service to clients, a review will act as confirmation, or start you on a new path of healthy walking.


In completing a pedorthic footwear review at Happy Feet Pedorthics we have the following points in mind. Are the shoes made:

  • from leather and / or mesh to encourage air circulation, an ideal choice being a sport or walking day shoe.
  • as extra width and depth to accommodate the foot – and preferably with a round toe? The thinking here is that the shoes need to be the correct length, width and depth for the foot. with a firm heel counter? Is the shoe firm at the back such that it cannot be pushed flat?
  • with laces or velcro fastenings, to keep the shoe on the foot securely stopping the foot sliding forwards.
  • with a non-slip cushioned sole?


At Happy Feet Pedorthics the pedorthic review of footwear with the client in turn assists one to make a more informed choice for the next pair of footwear.


At Happy Feet Pedorthics our aim in the assessment and fitting process is for the client to have shoes which:

  • fit well and protect the feet
  • do not have rough seems or internal stitching, such as the moccasin style of shoes


At Happy Feet Pedorthics we want our clients to be confident about their footwear choices. In the process of assessing and fitting:

  • both feet are measured
  • we use powder on the shoe insert to confirm the length of the foot in the shoe
  • we use liners and fillers to confirm the width and the volume of the shoe
  • we have the client stand on the shoe insert to check that the shoe is wide enough
  • we provide for a podiatry review of your footwear choice before purchase if required

As a person with diabetes the choice of footwear is critical, particularly if the person has variable or no sensation in the feet.


Ring us now at Happy Feet Pedorthics on 9326 0266 to book your free Pedorthic Footwear Assessment.



Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

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