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Finn Footwear with Finn Footbeds for Your Feet

Finn Footwear


Finn Comfort footwear is an investment in your health and well-being. Truly the comfort shoe with wonderful interchangeable footbeds.


You are invited to Happy Feet Pedorthics now to try the new sandals with the super comfort footbed available in new colors for the season.


The super comfort footbed:

  • is anatomically shaped enhancing the natural heel-to-toe rolling motion via the heel, lateral foot, medial foot and big toe.
  • can be removed overnight for airing and can be hand washed with mild soap and warm water.


The reflex zone footbed:

  • stimulates the reflex zones on the soles of your feet, an invigorating break to revitalize your mind and body!
  • except for people with diabetes increase wearing time from 5 minutes to a maximum of one hour daily to experience the unique feel good effect


Finn Footwear


Finn Footwear with Finn Footbeds for Your Feet
Finn Footwear with Finn Footbeds for Your Feet

Finn Footwear:

  • is handcrafted luxury footwear made to last
  • have footbeds which can be replaced
  • is fully repairable

At Happy Feet Pedorthics people who come and experience the comfort of Finn Footwear for the first time feel the comfort – “they are so comfortable”, “oh yes”, “the support – you can feel it”!


People feel and talk about the arch support, they feel the bump! – the met dome feature taking pressure of their forefoot, they experience the natural walking action from the heel through the arch to the forefoot!


For some people the Finn Footwear is their first step in more appropriate footwear health wise which may or may not be followed with orthotics. If custom made orthotics are to be the next step well and good – the footbed which comes with the shoe can be removed leaving a good amount of room for a custom made orthotic to be fitted!


Come in now to Happy Feet Pedorthics for an amazing feeling of comfort!



Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

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