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At Happy Feet Pedorthics this we see a lot of people with pain. Pain from arthritis, pain from toes, pain from plantar fasciitis, pain from Morton’s neuroma, post-operative pain and many more. The talk with us at Happy Feet Pedorthics – – is about pain, about comfort, about safety, about keeping walking, and their wish to wear shoes they “like.” Like often means NOT …….. . At Happy Feet Pedorthics we walk with people to achieve their aims for their foot health and a healthier and safer life wearing shoes of choice! Along with pain, safety, mobility, comfort and LIKE people talk about the weight of shoes.

It is an interesting idea – the weight of shoes.
This is why we have a set of kitchen scales in our clinic. Yes, you are correct! We weigh shoes!
People often come to our clinic with shoes which are heavier than those we try on their feet!
The shoe may feel heavy to the hand, but on the scales it is lighter than the old shoes!


The next important talking point at Happy Feet Pedorthics is what we call compliance, or being plain – doing as recommended or told!

When a shoe is put on incorrectly, the client often needs some assistance so the shoe is worn well. Back pain, arthritic pain, hip pain are some of the factors which affect a person’s ability to get “down there” and put the shoes on. This is why many people go for “slip ons,” which are unsupportive, unsafe, often contribute to pain, often leading to less mobility!


When a shoe is put on correctly, the client is compliant, the shoe is worn and the footwear feels light. Light, then safe, increasing mobility, the pain is reduced and the like with happy feet is experienced.


Note: Information sheet “Putting shoes on well – for Happy Feet!” can be downloaded at

Clare Nelson

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