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Comfort story time and again

Within hours the comfort of the Finn sandal style Adelaide, was confirmed again and again. Having measured the feet with the brannock and made an assessment of the feet, I fitted the sandals, at our Happy Feet Pedorthics Moonee Ponds facility. Both women talked of their painful, sore feet – arches, heels and soles of the feet. At Independent fittings both used almost identical language describing their experience – their immediate feeling of comfort!

Comfort story time and again

One dictionary definition of comfort is a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

The Finn range of shoes is very stylish pedorthic footwear, with many people buying Finn shoes simply for their comfort. With the sandals and shoes alike the foot bed is was does it for the client!

For us at Happy Feet Pedorthics we present the shoe to the client in the assessment and fitting explaining that the foot bed can be modified, and / or removed with a custom made orthotic being fitted into the footwear. Our experience at Happy Feet Footwear is that many clients wear their Finn shoes only with the foot bed, not with their orthotics.

Each style in the Finn range of pedorthic footwear is named after a place in the world. Usedom, Baltrum and Adelaide are clearly places to go with sandals in the season of the hemisphere!
So be it that you are travelling or reviewing your wardrobe for the cooler months in Australia ring and make a time to check out the Finn shoes – many are health fund approved and some are DVA approved. The new catalogue for the year has arrived!

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