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Comfort and fit in footwear – too loose, too tight, and just right!

At Happy Feet Pedorthics I often reference the Three Bears story when it comes to footwear – not too loose, not too tight, and just right!


Twice in recent weeks – short of having a blue as such, with two different clients, the clients have left our clinic with shoes which in my view are 2 sizes too long and at least 2 sizes too wide!


From the first client’s perspective this is the way I like them, and I have to wear them!


OK, fair enough! But then you continue to get the questions and comments. So what is the pedorthic response?


  • When I run my toes hit up against the top of the shoes. How can I stop this?
  • When I run I am getting blisters on my heels. Why is this happening?
  • When I run the shoes feel so heavy. How can I reduce the weight?


From the second client’s perspective I hear what you are saying, but I like them loose and I have to wear them!”


  • Again OK! Fair enough! But again the questions and comments flow.
  • Do you have shoes for big feet? I am a big man and I have big feet. I take a measure only to confirm what I thought – not that big – only a 13, with the powder test showing that the right is slightly longer! Having tried a 13 W my fitting recommendation would be for a 13 M, but no the client cannot believe it’s a 13 and minimally would want at 13 4W
  • I’ll show you, I will bring in my size 16 runners. This is how I like to wear my shoes. But you will think they are too big.


So professional advice, client choice and responsibility all around! Where and when does the talk in circles stop?


The wearing loose shoes stories happen often enough, but not as often as the want for fashion footwear which by it’s design and styling compromises fit, may change gait and invariably limits the level of comfort which can be achieved. It is from this want and belief that the objections flow based on I don’t like it! See the Table 1 taken from an Article Comfort in Fashion Footwear written by Mike Wilson and published in Satra Bulletin 2017.


There are comfort constraints for women in high-heeled footwear, shoes with pointed toes, slip-ons, mules, wellingtons and thongs! For the men folk there are constraints and compromises with the cowboy boots, the cuban heeled shoes, the loafers and winkle-pickers, along with the unisex styles previously mentioned.


  • There may be soreness leading to a blister in the Achilles Tendon area due to heel slippage
  • Or soreness leading to blisters at the big and little toes due to excessive pressure and friction
  • An abrasion may develop under one of the ankle bones due the topline being too high
  • The underside of the sole or heel of the feet may suffer from bruising due to walking on hard and uneven surfaces
  • The plantar fascia which helps to maintain the longitudinal arch structure of the foot can be severely strained and overstretched
  • The list of discomforts can be endless and these can be added to the general sense of tiredness and aching in the feet at the end of a long day!


So at Happy Feet Pedorthics what do we do with the aim of Happy Feet for people?


  • We measure the feet
  • Acknowledge the foot pathology and broader health condition
  • As a part of our assessment we talk about the client’s goals for their foot health and footwear choices
  • We fit shoes of correct length width and depth, which are suitable for the activity
  • We talk about effective wearing of the footwear and best care advice.
  • We also measure and fit compression socks with the aim of reducing leg ache and fatigue.


We all love parties and most of us are able to /or will wear party shoes at least some of the time. For good for your feet shoes to wear most of the time, ring 9326 0266 to make an appointment now.


Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU