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Here’s to Happy Feet! @Happy Feet Pedorthics. Client Choice and Responsibility – How we direct and care for our loved ones simultaneously.

Vale to My Mum on June 7 2014. Mum – Phil had the best life and died at 92 years and 6 months.

My mum was typical of so many clients I see. As a daughter I was probably typical of so many daughters, sons and carers that I see as a pedorthist.

  • We all want the best for our loved ones
  • Our loved ones have the right to have choice and a responsibility to themselves – the situation at point here being: choice of footwear and the risk of falls, wounds, sore toes or painful balls of the feet to name a few
  • We just have to be so caring and walk with our loved ones – honest, kind and patient!

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we assess and fit people for footwear with the aim of reduced pain, more safety, more mobility and more comfort. We aim for people to wear the “best shoes for them” for most of the time.

This can be very challenging for the client, the carers and the pedorthist at times! Client responses can be:

  • I don’t like them ………………..
  • I know they are the better shoes for me but ………………
  • I wouldn’t want to spend the money ………..
  • I couldn’t wear them …..
  • Oh yes, I had a fall last week but I would rather ………


During my working week my mantra is to do as I do, to do as I say. AND, I also own up to the fact that on the weekend I do as I like! That is I wear the shoes I like, feel fantastic in, party on and often suffer on my feet afterwards.

I am making choices, which is my right and my responsibility. The tricky part is – that as we get older, if we don’t make some wise choices – the choice can be taken out of our hands. This is because of our falls risk or because of the duty of care, if and when we are cared for by others. Repeatedly at Happy Feet Pedorthics I listen to the forthright determined client and see the anxious, worried and loving family member who wants the best for their loved one. Such is the dilemma!

So at Happy Feet Pedorthics we:

  • Give our clients time to consider their options
  • Provide opportunity to discuss options with loved ones
  • Make recommendations as a result of the assessment and fitting we have made
  • Offer payment flexibility to meet clients specific circumstances

We ensure that we work with the clients and their loved ones or carers to achieve the best pedorthic footwear available. In most cases our clients are pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the choices offered by Happy Feet Pedorthics. Here’s to Happy Feet!

Clare Nelson
Certified Pedorthist, CM AU

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