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Choices in a lolly shop

Do you remember going to the lolly shop and all those choices! Eight a penny, four a penny – into a white paper bag and into the blazer pocket. Maybe the bus money had been spent and you had to walk home!

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we have many more options available that what we can display or have in stock on the day. The skill of us as Pedorthists is to assess and fit to then make a pedorthic recommendation for the choice of the day, and then to help the client make a plan for the wardrobe.

We all love the lolly shop – how can we have shoes like ….. and not ……. ? As Pedorthists we try shoes on, educate, demonstrate and walk with the client to Happy Feet!

Along the way we have one range:

  • the heel height, sole and heel – there are choices
  • the colour options – it’s almost like choosing the colour to paint your house! Some people like to put 2 or 3 colours together in leather and stretch to match if required.
  • the style – closed shoe, open toed, sandal, slippers, more or less plain or patterned, laces, velcro or buckles
  • some patterning – to give a lighter look and to assist with air circulation
  • depth for orthotics if required
  • Choice, choice and more choice! It’s all there alongside black!

    We invite you to make a time for an assessment and fitting, with a pedorthic recommendation. You may not have a many choices as the lolly choices but you will have some.

    Clare Nelson CM AU

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