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Children – free as the wind

Parents come to Happy Feet Pedorthics truly very worried about their children’s feet. Grandparents also come worried about their grandchildren’s feet! And I am one of them – a grandparent having to be told repeatedly – not to worry – Lucas’s feet are normal!

We know that:

  • Poor footwear choices for children can lead to problems. Apparently this was my failing as a parent – the shoes were too short – so the toes are clawed. Definitely nothing to do with choices being made by an adolescent daughter, having regard of Mum’s view, because what would a Mum know?
  • Mums and Dads know that it is not normal for a child to have problems with co-ordination, stumbling, mobility and excessive shoe wear points and deterioration. Grandparents also know! At a recent review of Lucas’s footwear this very discussion was had and Lucas had a view also! Too long or too short? Safe at play or a trip and falls risk? Bought on special or full price? What will Nanna make next?
  • Children with disabilities may have very special footwear needs. Recently we have provided corrective footwear for a little one – split fit corrective piedro boots, LLD raise and strap extensions
  • Most feet problems in childhood can be successfully treated through appropriate footwear choices to ensure these little feet grow into healthy, happy ‘big’ feet.

Children – free as the wind

So when to intervene is the question. In working with several experienced podiatrists the advice has been that two of the following factors need to be prevalent:

  • Hereditary factors from Mum, Dad or the Grandparents
  • Severe pain
  • Gross deformity

The pain is a tricky one for parents – how do we know? Often the key is that the child does not want to wear the footwear. But for the parents is the child being irritable, naughty or non-compliant or is the child telling us something in his or her words – that the feet are sore?

Trips and falls are usually not so tricky when asked about. Parents know if their child is tripping and falling more than other children. However the child can be described as just being clumsy and un-coordinated. Or often times the shoes the child is wearing are just too big – with way too much growing room! The other one we can forget about is growing pains!

So at Happy Feet Pedorthics what can we do? We have:

  • Quality shoes and sandals including corrective footwear
  • Have inserts which
    • Provides biomechanical support to the longitudinal arch
    • Assists to stabilise the heel
    • Cushion the heel
    • Support the arch and re-aligns the foot & ankle
    • Help to relieve growing pains in the feet and legs, especially Severs Disease which is pain at the back of the heel
    • Are 3/4-length and are suitable for all types children’s footwear, including school shoes, joggers and runners
Children – free as the wind

That all children be free as the wind!

Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU
Feb 12 2016

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