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Celebrating Pedorthics at Happy Feet Pedorthics

Our registered business name is Crispin Cobblings. Crispin or Crispian legend has it as, the patron saint of shoemaking and Cobblings from the art cobbling. In the beginning we traded simply as Crispin Cobblings. Along the way then it was Crispin Cobblings trading as Extra Depth Footwear-North West. The story evolved to Extra Depth Footwear @ Happy Feet Pedorthics and now 2015 the story is all about Happy Feet Pedorthics!

We are celebrating Pedorthics at Happy Feet Pedorthics!
Our service is centred on our clients, and our referrers.

  • We manage our opening times, clinic dates, professional development days, client files, purchasing routines and the making of shoes, orthotics, repairs and modifications to provide our best service in the timeliest manner for our clients.
  • This said, at times things can go astray, and when this happens I thank you for your patience. Be assured the team at Happy Feet is working with you.
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If you need assistance please speak to one of our team members

At Happy Feet Pedorthics our pre-fabricated medical footwear range is broad for the range of our clients’ needs.

  • Our range includes shoes from Drew, Durea, PW Minor, DB, Finn, Adour, Gadean, Piedro, Propet and Surefit.
  • We continue to work with our suppliers to order and receive client orders in a timely manner.
  • We are always on the lookout for “new” products to meet further client needs.

Celebrating Pedorthics

At Happy Feet Pedorthics our repair and modification service continues to grow along with our orthotic range.

  • Pedorthic modifications and repairs are usually completed within a week and if urgent can be done in less time
  • We make accommodative orthotics, at times with very simple corrective elements, to primarily support and cushion the foot.
  • We also make sensomotoric® orthoses – orthotic devices which utilise the proprioceptive system in the body. This orthotic concept was first published by Lothar Jahrling in Germany. At Happy Feet Pedorthics we work with Karl Schott from Footpower to bring this device to our clients.

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we do fit podiatry devices into our shoes. However as we are not podiatrists we do not make corrective orthotics. We regularly refer to podiatrists for diagnosis and podiatry

Pedorthics is a most exciting field to work in. As pedorthists we know that we make a difference to people attending to daily tasks, living and celebrating their lives. Every day, we have the privilege of listening to stories of how our work here at Happy Feet Pedorthics, leads to our clients having less pain, more safety, more mobility and more comfort in shoes people are happy to wear.

Celebrating Pedorthics

Clare Nelson
Certified Pedorthist, CM AU

Celebrating Pedorthics