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When do we ever really listen to our feet? Corns and callous are amongst the most common foot problems with the incidence higher amongst women than men. Bunions are another common foot problem with a higher incidence amongst women!


We love party shoes at Happy Feet Pedorthics – the question is how often at what cost for this year at young age and then in 5 years after that and after that?


We can all help ourselves from a very young age by wearing shoes with good width, depth and support!



Pedorthic solutions at Happy Feet Pedorthics begin with the shoes which reduce shear and pressure. And then there are lots of other solutions like tongue pads, lacing techniques, orthoses, metatarsal pads, wedging, thomas heels, soft top covers, stretching, and increasing the width of the shoes at the forefoot to accommodate the bunions.


Podiatry care on a regular basis to remove callous compliments the care of your feet with footwear giving additional foot care.


Pedorthic solutions for the feet – lace ups for most of the time, then the party and the sandals – for work all day there still needs to be further thought and then action!



At Happy Feet Pedorthics we see feet like these. So often it is the woman folk who have worn beautiful clothes and shoes for their men looking sexy and gorgeous all their lives! Their story goes on that they have outlived their husbands, having been on their feet doing so much of the caring for the family, and NOT giving priority to themselves let alone their feet and shoes! Now at Happy Feet Pedorthics it is their time for footwear, along with regular and attentive podiatry care!


People with painful feet want to be pain free and comfortable!


Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

Passion and commitment to your improved footwear health needs is what you get at Happy Feet Pedorthics. And what comes next is “the option for party shoes.”


Being a one stop shop we can measure, assess, fit, repair, modify and make at Happy FeetPedorthics.



In the mix of passion, commitment, and party shoes there is consideration, sensitivity, and honesty all of which is plain to see. At Happy Feet Pedorthics we are what you see is what you get people!


People come to Happy Feet Pedorthics for our service, our quality product and invariably with a need for improved foot health. The fragility of us all – tears before words, tissues on hand, a cup of tea, a quiet chat, then maybe some pedorthic work on the day, or maybe not till the next time do we do the work. The surgeon said …. Often it is all about unmet expectations. Regularly it is out of a crisis that for the first time pedorthic solutions have been explored as an alternative to an amputation, back pain, or such sore and uncomfortable feet.


At Happy Feet Pedorthics we are not a regular shoe store. Our options begin at the comfort end of what may be available in regular retail store. We service clients in an allied health context. We have specialist medical fittings along with the ability to modify footwear, fit devices, and make shoes and orthotics. We do not see that we sell shoes – rather we assess and fit well and the shoes walk out the door with payment collected along the way.



At Happy Feet Pedorthics we aim for informed client choice, respecting each persons’right and responsibility to make their choice, alongside our duty of care. Informed client choice requires patience, education and silence. Differences, advantages and disadvantages in the pedorthic footwear options need to be explained and often demonstrated – and this talk has to be balanced with time to think. So as a pedorthist one has to know when to shut up! Silence is golden.


Clare Nelson CP CM AU

Arthritis Awareness Week 2017 begins on Sunday 28 May and ends on Saturday 3 June.


At Happy Feet Pedorthics people with a personal membership of Arthritis Australia or State Association will be given a 10% discount for any orders placed during the Arthritis Awareness Week. At Happy Feet Pedorthics we encourage you to bring your membership card to your appointment, where we will assess and fit you for footwear with the aim to reduce pain and increase comfort!


There are many conditions which are grouped under the arthritis, osteoporosis and other muscle, bone, and joint conditions group. At Happy Feet Pedorthics it is one of the most common group of conditions we see amongst our clients.


People talk about the pain


People talk about pain, warmth, swelling and stiffness mainly in the forefoot. People point out and talk about the gradual deformity of their toes – especially the metatarsophalangeal joint at the great toe area; and for the client – shoe fitting is increasingly an issue!


At Happy Feet Pedorthics, we see the odema, the deformed toes, the really sore plantar surface of the feet with the prominent met heads, the bunions, the hallux valgus formations, the nodules; along with the corns and callus.


The common theme is pain! Pain in the feet, the knees, the back, my toes, my ankle, this joint here! The story often goes “look at the feet, look at the hands.” People often talk about I can’t ….., can’t go out of the house, can’t walk any more – and I love my walking!


As a group the arthritis and osteoporosis conditions are very debilitating!


There is good news though! A Pedorthist can help! At Happy Feet Pedorthics we can:

  • Measure your feet and fit your feet for extra width and depth shoes following assessment
  • Off load into the orthoses and or the shoes, giving more room and comfort
  • Relast the shoe, making it wider at the forefoot or the midfoot
  • Make padded tongues, to enhance fit, and make for cushioned closure
  • Make rocker soles, with or without carbon fibre plates
  • Make lateral and medial stabilizers, at the hind or mid foot
  • Make SACH heels to cushion the heel and give more roll through to the forefoot
  • Convert laces to velcro closures
  • Make supportive and cushioned accommodative orthotics
  • Make customized or fully custom made shoes
  • Stretch shoes – as a last resort. The aim is to fit shoes which do not need to be broken in!



Exercise is important for people with muscle bone and joint conditions. Some exercises are weight bearing such as tai chi, and others non-weight bearing such as swimming. In the mix of it all there is walking to be done so at Happy Feet Pedorthics we aim to get the footwear correct for you!


The MOVE muscle, bone & joint health, the new voice of Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria offers a wealth of information at including how to join as a member, which in turn can be used to receive a discount on footwear during Arthritis Awareness Week 2017 which begins on Sunday 28 May and ends on Saturday 3 June.


Clare Nelson CP CM AU