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Attending a Falls and Balance Clinic can be a good thing

…… is quite often a topic of discussion at Happy Feet Pedorthics. Referral to same is also part of our referral letter to General Practitioners.
Having attended a Falls and Balance Clinic I understand why a client having come directly from a session to Happy Feet Pedorthics to invest in better shoes, is so tired from all the work done at the clinic.

At the Falls and Balance clinic, a client spends some time with a range of Allied Health Practitioners who have expertise in balance and mobility issues. After a detailed assessment the main factors leading to the client’s unsteadiness or falls are identified. From this a management plan is developed with the client, who is then provided with further information and support.

Clients who have come to Happy Feet Pedorthics, to invest in safer shoes on the advice of members of the Allied Health Team at the Falls and Balance Clinic, have talked about the advice they had received regarding:

  • Physiotherapy and exercise groups
  • How to make your home safer
  • Simplifying medication requirements
  • Counselling and ways to live life independently with dignity and confidence

When assessing and fitting the client for footwear at Happy Feet Pedorthics it is very noticeable that the client is focusing on:

  • Positioning their body in the chair well before beginning to stand up. That is to move the bottom closer to the front of the chair, bring the legs back under the bottom, ready to push up through the heels to stand up
  • If a walker is being used, putting the hand brakes “on” on the walker before attempting to stand up.
  • Having stood up focusing – we often say “getting your walking legs” before taking any steps
  • Again if using a walker walking close to the walker.
  • Lifting the legs. At Happy Feet Pedorthics we often notice that at reminder to lift ones legs results in a marching action! We then demonstrate how lifting ones leg to a normal height leaves the foot to landing in the best position for the heel to toe of the gait cycle.
Attending a Falls and Balance Clinic

Happy feet in comfortable, safe shoes which one would want to wear at Happy Feet Pedorthics.

Clare Nelson