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Are you having a baby?

…. Swollen feet?
….. tired aching feet?
….. and a feeling of heaviness in the legs?

Pregnancy is a very unique time for a woman’s body. The change in hormones and the expansion of the uterus can affect the leg veins. 30% of women pregnant for the first time and 55% of women who have had 2 or more full time pregnancies develop varicose veins.*

Given the facts, at Happy Feet Pedorthics we recommend wearing safe, good looking comfortable footwear along with compression socks or stockings because varicose veins:

  • are not cosmetically aesthetic
  • disturb a woman’s wellbeing during pregnancy
  • constitute a risk of inflammation and thrombosis
  • place a great strain on circulation for the mother and baby
  • may relate to premature contractions (ie this cannot be excluded)

Wearing compression stockings during pregnancy:

  • prevents blood from pooling in the veins
  • reduces the risk of an elevated heart rate in the mother and child
  • reduces the risk of varicose veins, inflammation and thrombosis
  • alleviates common symptoms of swollen feet and ankles, or tired and achy legs
  • It is all very well but ….. they are hot, I would look like grandma, they are hard to put on, I don’t like them, not with sandals? – I don’t think so!

All we can say is: keep beautiful healthy legs beautiful and healthy!

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we have footwear for mothers to be and options in compression:

  • maternity pantyhose with a wide soft smooth waistband and elastic tummy with at front that grows with baby
  • thigh length stockings
  • calf length socks

all in a beautiful choice of colours including soft pink, blue, grey, skin and marine.

*Swiss Medical Weekly 2001: 131:659-662

Clare Nelson C Ped CM AU

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