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Are you an average Australian?

Are you an average Australian?

Do you sit for 9 hours a day?
?  Do you have switched off muscles for 9 hours a day?
?  Do you have a 112% relative increased risk of developing Type2 Diabetes?
?  Do you have a 147% increase in risk for cardio vascular events?
?  Do you have a 49% greater risk of an early death?

Most likely, you are an average Australian so Give Sore the Boot @ Happy Feet Pedorthics and change a little! By standing 3 to 4 hours in your work day you burn the same amount of energy as running 10 marathons a year!

At Happy Feet Pedorthics our experience is people “don’t” do many things for a whole range of reasons – one main reason is “my feet hurt!”

In our experience @ Happy Feet Pedorthics we need to talk about, medication, exercise, obesity, cardiovascular events, premature death, work life balance, stretching, and ……. and footwear.

When we talk about footwear we need to ask some questions:
?  Are the shoes wide enough or am I squashing my feet in?
?  Are my shoes deep enough or am I putting pressure on my toes making red marks, blisters and callous?
?  Is there a match or mismatch with the shape of my feet and the shape of my shoes at the front?
?  Are my shoes sufficiently supportive to stand in at work for 3 to 4 hours a day?
?  Do I wear or carry my shoes?
?  Would I benefit from some additional support and/or cushioning so I can stand for longer each day?

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we encourage you to:
!  Give sore feet the boot
!  Wear good for you footwear most of the time
!  Stand on your feet
!  Be not the average Australian!
!  Have Happy Feet!

Clare Nelson

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