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…. a new routine of a heel to toe gait

Once upon a time there is a man call Lothar Jahrling. Lothar lives in Germany. At the same time and in the nearby land of Austira there is a man called Dr Wolfgang Laube. Lothar was the first to publish the story about the sensomotoric® orthotic concept and Dr Wolfgang who is an MD, Sports Physician and elite athlete in his time has written about the sensomotoric® theory. It is well documented as a theory in rehabilitation, manual therapy and physiotherapy. Then there is another man called Karl Schott who was born and worked in Germany and now he lives in Australia. This is where Clare Nelson met Karl through the Pedorthic Association of Australia. Karl has taught Clare about the sensomotoric® theory and the sensomotoric® orthotic concept.

So now at Happy Feet Pedorthics we can tell you the stories of Happy Feet.

A little boy possibly with cerebral palsy but too young at the time for an official diagnoses was delayed in walking by months and months. The sensomotoric® orthotics did the trick. Up and not just walking – running in no time creating havoc.

A middle aged woman who thought it was normal to walk on her toes as the routine. The Finn shoes with the foot bed saw the heel down first and then the sensomotoric® orthotic along with a physiotherapy re-hab program saw a new routine of a heel to toe gait.

A most flat footed client who works as a prosthodontist wears our accommodative orthoses when working and the sensomotoric® orthotic when walking. No more hip pain and describes his feet as being more arch like.

A client following an exercise program wears a neutral runner for the program and the sensomotoric® sports runner orthotics for work. Just standing in the sports runner the client feels the muscles being activated!

We are all connected – flat feet and sore knees. The physio tapes the feet to give the experience of less pain to the knees. Then refers on for the sensomotoric® orthotics. No more knee pain!

The following is taken from

Sensomotoric® orthoses are orthotic devices which utilise the proprioceptive system in the body.

The body has various receptors which constantly check body position, muscle tone including movement. Sensomotoric® orthoses use those principles to improve foot function and to guide you to better movement pathways.

The theory behind sensomotoric® foot orthoses revolves around the natural response of the foot and body in relation to how the ground is felt by the feet.

The insoles are designed to alter how the foot ‘feels’ the ground in particular the timing of ground contact. The body has a preferred movement pattern whether it is the best pattern for you or not.

Body movement and functionality is not always perfect, in which bad habits can eventuate and become repetitive. In sport it is well accepted that you have a coach or trainer who points out the “wrong” movement techniques whilst teaching the correct ones.

You then have to learn the improved movement pathways and repeat them until they become your new movement pathways. Sensomotoric® orthoses are your personal trainer for your feet inside your shoes.

The joy of walking with Happy Feet

Clare Nelson CPed CM Au

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